So, you’re considering throwing a lingerie party—what a deliciously scandalous, fun idea — for you and your besties, but think about it...this could be the best idea you’ve ever had for the bride-to-be. The ultimate lingerie party will shower her with the best wedding lingerie, sexy and sweet for her wedding night, honeymoon and after. Start planning now and it’s sure to be a blast. What’s all the hype about? Read on for some juicy secrets for planning the perfect lingerie party. After all, “girls just want to have fun”!




I know you have a million questions, so let’s get this party started...

What is a Lingerie Party?

A lingerie party is different from the traditional bridal shower and the epic, all night bachelorette party. A lingerie party is a quiet night where friends of the bride give her lacy lingerie and bridal lingerie. Your friends will need little help on gift ideas, so get Pining the faves: Flora Nikrooz Showstopper Soft Metallic Chemise and Soft Metallic Robe or the breathtaking Showstopper Signature Bralette & Shorty. And, there’s plenty for the bride tribe too. Tag these pretty get-ready robes that double as lounge-worthy lingerie styles: Alejandra Floral Robe, the Arisa Kimono and Victoria Kimono, all exclusively from Flora Nikrooz.


Where Should your Lingerie Party be Hosted?

Pick a place that’s convenient and comfortable for everyone. The best place for a lingerie shower is in the privacy of a home because you might not want your intimates to be shown in public and neither will the bride (plus, the party could very well become a sleepover).

How Long Should a Lingerie Party Last?

You should count on your lingerie parting lasting 2 to 3 hours (or all night., lol) with fun party games and treats for all.

What’s the most crucial part of planning a lingerie party?

Find out her measurements! Be sure to get the bride-to-be’s bust, waist and hip measurements so guests can pick out night lingerie in the right size, from the Signature Gabby Chemise or Snuggle in Dove Grey to Showstopper Classic Bride Robe, we’ve got you covered with the best wedding lingerie.


Party Planning Tips

• Send out Save the Date Cards and get your guests pumped for the night. Get them excited for purchasing their own lingerie like: the Flora Nikrooz Othela Antique Ivory Chemise and Othela Wrap or the Edie Knit PJ’s and Edie Knit Robe.

• You’ll want to provide food and beverages for guests during the lingerie party. We recommend finger foods and champagne—think veggie and dips, mini quiches, fruit trays and other desserts.

• Create a playlist of their favorite music (you’ll hear sighs of, “remember that song?”)

• Adding a theme and get creative. Lingerie goes with everything. Set up a mimosa bar, bake cookies or even watch romcoms all night long. It will def be insta-worthy!

• Add decorations. Deck out a special chair for the Bride-to-Be with a bright chair scarf so she has the seat of honor for the whole parry. For the gals, drape boas around other chairs for a sexy vibe that doubles as a fun party favor later!

• Oh Goodie! You can also purchase party favors for your guests: the Farrah Embroidered Robe or the Rosa Charmeuse Cami Set from Flora Nikrooz make great “thank yous” for the bridesmaids.

Showstopper Wrap Robe   bride: @bizzyexploring / photog: @catherineguidry

Showstopper Wrap Robe

bride: @bizzyexploring / photog: @catherineguidry


On your must-do list? Be sure that your party ideas suit your guests and their personalities. Everyone should be on the same page so no one is offended.

Laurel II Pajama Short Set   bride: @merefrazier / photog: @julielivingstonphotography

Laurel II Pajama Short Set

bride: @merefrazier / photog: @julielivingstonphotography

Got to have Party Games

Real talk timeout. Ever been to a bachelorette party where you don’t know anyone but the bride? Awkward! How do you break the ice? Ding, ding, ding—with lingerie party games! To help you out, Flora Nikrooz has rounded up some favorite party games that the bride and I Do Crew will love. <3

1. The Tell-All Game. This game involves someone writing down the first thing that the bride says as she opens her gifts—don’t let on to the bride that you are doing this. After all of the gifts are open, the person who was writing stands to say, “This is what will be heard if you stand outside the door on their wedding night!” She will then repeat the phrases that the bride said and they will no doubt be ridiculous and hilarious.


2. Pass the Teddy. This game is reminiscent of the popular party game Dancing Chairs. Instead of having your guests dance around chairs, they will be passing around a gift wrapped in layers of wrapping paper. You tell them that the package contains some sort of sexy lingerie like our Stella Gown or Emma Sweet Chemise which the loser will have to model for everyone to see. They will be passing around the present while music is playing and once it stops, the person holding it would have to peel off a layer of wrapper. The last person to unwrap the gift is the loser and the teddy model of the evening. Now, who’s going to want to undress and model a teddy for a group of giggling women? Absolutely no one! You can expect that everyone is going to toss that gift around like a hot potato.

3. Best Wishes Game. A fun little activity for the I Do Crew and a touching keepsake for the Bride-to-be. This game is perfect for a low key moment of the party when guests can write their wishes for the bride-to-be and soon-to-be hubby. Collect all and store in a cute tin box so the bride can read through these sentiments long after the wedding is over.


4. A Great Mask. Okay, we know. Sheet face masks aren’t exactly a game, but are still an awesome girlie activity. Everyone will love the R&R and feel super refreshed afterwards!

Frequently Asked Questions... You asked, we delivered.

What is the difference between a babydoll and a chemise?

The biggest difference between a babydoll and chemise has to do with the hemline. A babydoll usually comes down only to the upper thigh. Because of the shortness of this garment, it sometimes is sold with matching panties. A chemise can be any length. Check out our Stella Charmeuse Chemise, Emma Sweet Chemise and Bellflower Flirty Chemise.

How Do I care for Lingerie? Handwashing it is the most recommended option. Just soak it in the water with some mild washing detergent (no fabric softener) for about 5 to 10 minutes. Slightly rub it with your hands and hang it for drying.

Did you know?

We’ve gone through the history and traditions to bring you some of the most interesting wedding facts.

bride: @emmyhennyyy / photog: @jennarouth

bride: @emmyhennyyy / photog: @jennarouth

To the Left, to the left

The bride standing on the left of the groom originates from times where the groom would have to use his left hand to fight off other suitors. We bet the question ‘Is there anyone here who has any reason why they shall not be married’ moment was an absolute nightmare!

I Do: The longest recorded wedding lasted 91 years and 12 days.

12.2 Million: This is the cost of the world’s most expensive wedding dress. Not the wedding. The wedding dress by . Martin Katz and Renee Strauss featured 150 carats worth of diamonds.

300 Pounds: The record setting weight of Queen Victoria’s wedding cake. It appeared to be about 8 feet tall and reported to be 9 feet around.

Stay Tuned...check back and check in, we’ve got plenty of fun and interesting info to share with you, plus new lingerie is arriving all the time, yay!